Self-Sovereign ID

We believe in the power of self-sovereign identity (SSI) and its potential to transform the way individuals and organizations manage their digital identities.

Lions Gate Digital SSI Business Manifesto

Our guiding principles and commitments

We are driven by a shared vision to create a more secure, transparent, and empowering digital world.

Empower Individuals

We believe that individuals should have full control over their digital identities. We empower individuals by providing them with the tools and technology to manage their personal data securely, allowing them to assert their identity and control how their information is accessed and used. Digital Rights for We the People” designed and managed by individuals.

Foster Trust and Privacy

Trust and privacy are at the heart of our approach. We prioritize robust security measures, encryption protocols, and decentralized storage to protect personal information. We advocate for privacy rights and data protection, ensuring that individuals have the confidence to share information while maintaining control over their privacy.

Enable Interoperability and Portability:

We are committed to promoting interoperability and data portability across various SSI platforms. Our solutions adhere to open standards, enabling seamless integration and interoperability between different systems, ensuring that individuals can access and manage their identities across multiple platforms.

Embrace Open Source Principles

We believe in the power of collaboration and open source technology. We actively contribute to the open source community, sharing our insights, developments, and best practices. By fostering an open and collaborative environment, we promote innovation, transparency, and continuous improvement.

Champion User-Centric Design

User experience is a central focus in everything we do. We design intuitive, user-centric interfaces and experiences that prioritize simplicity, accessibility, and ease of use. We listen to user feedback and continuously iterate our solutions to meet the evolving needs of our community.

Advocate for Digital Inclusion

We are passionate about bridging the digital divide and ensuring that everyone has equal access to digital identity solutions. We work to make SSI technologies accessible, affordable, and user-friendly for individuals across different demographics, backgrounds, and geographical locations.

Drive Innovation and Collaboration

We actively collaborate with industry experts, researchers, and organizations to drive innovation in the SSI space. Through strategic partnerships, research initiatives, and participation in industry events, we push the boundaries of what is possible in digital identity management.

Our Commitments

  • Promote Ethical and Responsible Use of Data.
  • Educate and Raise Awareness of SSI Blockchain.
  • Foster a Global Self-Sovereign Identity Community.
  • Protect Individuals Digital Rights by Forming a Society.
SSI Blockchain

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“Together, we can revolutionize the way identities are managed, providing individuals with the freedom and control they deserve.”

Aaron A Day

CEO, Lions Gate Digital

Self-Sovereign ID Advocates, Experts, and Enthusiasts

  • Race for SSI Proof of Concept

    Race for SSI Proof of Concept

    There is a Race for SSI Proof of Concept and in the running are hundreds of start-ups from every corner of the Internet, in the running for a business model that can sell, register, activate and deliver customers with a Self-soverreign ID (SSI) that currently the customer has no need for and most of the…

  • What’s the Value in your name?

    What’s the Value in your name?

    Sovereignty in the new Digital World Someone told me today that a new U.S. Citizen (baby) is worth $1M to the Government (value in taxes) and the cost to raise a child has also reached $1M from zero to 18 years old, well what if your name was worth $1M to you over 18 years…

  • The Knowledge Society

    The Knowledge Society

    In this post we present the case for a new “Knowledge Society”, also known as a Club. The question we ask in approaching this topic, is who would you rather have control of your Self-sovereign ID? Your Government? Your Bank? Facebook? Google? or yourself and your society associates? Lions Gate Club idea is a society,…

  • Why Cryptography Matters

    Why Cryptography Matters

    Cryptography is so much more than just what the word defines, in some ways it is what the Internet is, at it’s core. The Internet is one massive cryptograph, if there was such a noun, instead all we have is the verb to explain the process of writing the code, which enables you to read…

  • The Right to Disappear

    The Right to Disappear

    The Right to Disappear is not a joke, it’s actually the issue in Europe that gave Self-sovereign ID (SSI) some traction in the mainstream. The International Secure Electronic Transactions Organisation – OISTE have created a campaign to introduce a universal law that would entitle SSI holders to have control over images of them on the…

  • Genesis of ID2020 Alliance

    Genesis of ID2020 Alliance

    Self-sovereign Identification global mandate was born on May 20, 2016 and from this resolution the ID2020 Alliance was formed, as a good cause for humanity. Ensure that all men and women, in particular the poor and the vulnerable, have appropriate new technology and financial services, including microfinance and by 2030, provide legal identity for all,…

  • White Hat Unique Security Proposition

    White Hat Unique Security Proposition

    In case of an emergency, who would you want us to contact? Your answer to that question is the key to providing the very best human intelligence about the veracity of your name. Truthfully, your most important person is the best attestation of your identity, and that is why we provide your witness the same…

  • Biometric Open Protocol Standard (BOPS)

    Biometric Open Protocol Standard (BOPS)

    Biometric Open Protocol Standard (BOPS) is a necessity in Identification and the Lions Gate Club intend to be expert on this topic, it’s crucial and provides the framework for intelligent planning of decentralization and how a platform of technologies can be harnessed that provide the user with multiple methods of obtaining Self-sovereign ID (SSI) recognized…

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