Open Source DAO Model

Open Source DAO

Open Source DAO Modelled on a Secret Society of 33 Degrees

Lions Gate Digital is an innovative self-sovereign identity (SSI) business that operates on a unique open source decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) model. Our organization draws inspiration from the structure and principles of secret societies, specifically the concept of 33 degrees. However, we embrace transparency, accountability and openness, ensuring that all elements of our DAO, including oaths and obligations, are accessible and participatory.

Our DAO operates on a multi-level pyramid structure, where each level corresponds to a specific role and set of responsibilities. This structure encourages collaboration, accountability, and continuous personal and professional growth within our community. Here is an overview of the different levels within our open source DAO:


  • Initiates are individuals who join Lions Gate Digital, seeking to become part of our community and contribute to our mission.
  • As an initiation ritual, new members participate in a video where they break bread with their sponsor, demonstrating the act of sharing and unity.
  • In the video, initiates also show a calendar, or newspaper with the date circled to provide date verification for the archives.
  • Initiates state the names of their sponsor at the bread breaking, reinforcing the interconnected community, plus we all love food and bread is the most common food on earth.


  • Sponsors play a vital role in guiding and mentoring new members.
  • They assist initiates in navigating the community and understanding their roles and obligations.
  • Sponsors foster a sense of belonging and help initiates integrate into the Lions Gate Digital community.

Independent Agents:

  • Independent agents are members who have demonstrated their dedication, expertise, and commitment to the organization by sponsoring two or more members.
  • They actively contribute to the development and improvement of our SSI solutions and actively engage with the community.
  • Independent agents collaborate with other members to create a robust and sustainable DAO ecosystem.


  • Executives hold leadership positions within the organization and are responsible for strategic decision-making and governance.
  • They uphold the principles of transparency, fairness, and accountability, ensuring the organization operates ethically and effectively.
  • Executives facilitate the growth and development of the community, promoting intellectual excellence and continuous improvement.


  • Ambassadors represent the pinnacle of the pyramid, embodying the highest level of commitment and expertise.
  • They act as liaisons between Lions Gate Digital and external stakeholders, promoting our vision, values, and initiatives.
  • Ambassadors contribute to thought leadership, public speaking engagements, and strategic partnerships to further the organization’s goals.

Our open source DAO operates on principles of inclusivity, knowledge sharing, and collective responsibility. By modelling our structure on the concept of a secret society with open source principles, we foster a sense of belonging, commitment, and mutual support within our community. Our members are united by a shared vision of transforming the SSI industry and empowering individuals to take control of their digital identities.

We invite individuals who resonate with our mission and values to join us on this transformative journey. Together, we can create a more secure, transparent, and equitable digital landscape for all.

Note: While our organizational structure draws inspiration from secret societies, it is important to highlight that our operations are entirely transparent and open source, in compliance with ethical and legal standards.