Biometric Open Protocol Standard (BOPS)

Biometric Open Protocol Standard (BOPS)

Biometric Open Protocol Standard (BOPS) is a necessity in Identification and the Lions Gate Club intend to be expert on this topic, it’s crucial and provides the framework for intelligent planning of decentralization and how a platform of technologies can be harnessed that provide the user with multiple methods of obtaining Self-sovereign ID (SSI) recognized by 3rd parties everywhere.

The Horcrux protocol: a method for decentralized biometric-based selfsovereign identity

Abstract: Most user authentication methods and identity proving systems rely on a centralized database. Such information storage presents a single point of compromise from a security perspective. If this system is compromised it poses a direct threat to users digital identities. This paper proposes a decentralized authentication method, called the Horcrux protocol, in which there is no such single point of compromise. The protocol relies on decentralized identifiers (DIDs) under development by the W3C Verifiable Claims Community Group and the concept of self-sovereign identity. To accomplish this, we propose specification and implementation of a decentralized biometric credential storage option via blockchains using DIDs and DID documents within the IEEE 2410-2017 Biometric Open Protocol Standard (BOPS).

W3C Verifiable Claims Community Group are another crucial organization that Lions Gate must sync with

HOYOS Labs’ Biometrics Open Protocol Becomes IEEE Standard

World’s Largest Organization of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Designates the Biometrics Open Protocol as the Standard for Global Identity Authentication

NEW YORK, Sept. 14, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — HOYOS Labs, the leading biometrics-based end-to-end authentication infrastructure company, announced that the Standards Association of the IEEE – the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, the world’s largest professional association that’s dedicated to advancing technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity – has approved standard 2410-2015 or BOPS (Biometrics Open Protocol Standard) as the global standard for identity and authentication on the Internet and mobile devices.

HOYOS Labs funded, developed and performed years of research in the area of biometrics-based authentication, contributing its research to the IEEE, which, through its P2410 working group, further developed BOPS as the global standard for identity and authentication.

BOPS consists of a set of rules that governs and safeguards communications among a variety of client devices, including mobile phones, desktop computers and ATMs. It is a trusted server that manages the acquisition and manipulation of biometric data that’s captured by those devices. The BOPS guidelines make use of the U.S. Department of Defense’s Trusted Computer System Evaluation Criteria (TCSEC) and are biometric-neutral.

“Identity is the true currency in today’s world. Without proper standardization in place to clearly secure and authenticate someone’s identity online in a comprehensive end-to-end manner, we will continue to see a plethora of hacks and cyber-attacks, which cost financial institutions billions and make consumers fear for their personal data,” said Hector Hoyos, co-founder and CEO at HOYOS Labs. “The IEEE has taken a very forward-looking stance in adopting BOPS as the global standard for digital identification and authentication.”

Hector Hoyos

As a function of submitting BOPS to the IEEE for review, HOYOS Labs has made the BOPS protocol open to any organization that desires to use it for digital authentication purposes.

“BOPS represents a breakthrough in financial transactions. For the first time, financial brokers and customers are offered unique, repeatable assurance that every transaction can be tied to a person without question. The timing could not be better, as banks and financials are moving away from passwords and PINs, as we seek better vehicles to safeguard our data. This level of assurance stands head-and-shoulders above traditional authentication frameworks that suffer hacks on a daily basis,” added Kevin McNamara, CEO of McNamara-Group and formally Vice President of R&D at JPMorgan Chase.

“The IEEE defines what the most important and valuable components of technologies are via its standard-setting functions,” said Scott Streit, IEEE 2410-2015 Committee Chairman. “Creating the standard for online authentication of identity is vital to secure the future. Propagating this standard globally will help to defuse the ticking time bomb of cyber fraud and identity theft.”

About HOYOS Labs 
HOYOS Labs is the leading biometrics-based end-to-end authentication infrastructure company, and the only company that can guarantee identity. The goal of HOYOS Labs is to develop and deploy enterprise and consumer identity assertion technology platforms that will conveniently and securely address the identity assertion and authentication challenges we face today. HOYOS Labs currently has offices in New York, Boston, San Juan (Puerto Rico), Oxford (United Kingdom), Bucharest (Romania), Timisoara (Romania) and Beijing (China).

SOURCE Hoyos Labs

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