The Knowledge Society of Jefferson

The Knowledge Society

In this post we present the case for a new “Knowledge Society”, also known as a Club. The question we ask in approaching this topic, is who would you rather have control of your Self-sovereign ID? Your Government? Your Bank? Facebook? Google? or yourself and your society associates?

Lions Gate Club idea is a society, in that it’s members share a common reason for joining the club; keep their Self-sovereign ID (SSI) safe, secure and completely under their own control. Plus, we recognize that our SSI has value when aggregated into enough numbers where the aggregate begins to derive dividends for the investment of paying club subscription fees for blockchain staking.

The Society would begin to grow nodes on the blockchain, also move into the SSI issuing and authorization business,as well as find other rich vertical markets.

Some academic, professional, and scientific associations describe themselves as societies (for example, the American Mathematical Society, the American Society of Civil Engineers, or the Royal Society).

In some countries, e.g. the United States, France, and Latin America, the term “society’ is used in commerce to denote a partnership between investors or the start of a business. In the United Kingdom, partnerships are not called societies, but co-operatives or mutuals are often known as societies (such as friendly societies and building societies).

The New Knowledge Society

As access to electronic information resources increased at the beginning of the 21st century, special attention was extended from the information society to the knowledge society. An analysis by the Irish government stated, “The capacity to manipulate, store and transmit large quantities of information cheaply has increased at a staggering rate over recent years.

The digitisation of information and the associated pervasiveness of the Internet are facilitating a new intensity in the application of knowledge to economic activity, to the extent that it has become the predominant factor in the creation of wealth. As much as 70 to 80 percent of economic growth is now said to be due to new and better knowledge.

Protecting the security and authenticity the members SSI is the purpose of the Lions Gate Club “knowledge society”.

Knowledge Society Photo credit: -mtnoxx- on / CC BY


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