George Washington's official letters and signature from National Library of Scotland

What’s the Value in your name?

Sovereignty in the new Digital World

Someone told me today that a new U.S. Citizen (baby) is worth $1M to the Government (value in taxes) and the cost to raise a child has also reached $1M from zero to 18 years old, well what if your name was worth $1M to you over 18 years but because you didn’t realize it you paid someone else for the privilege of making the money from your name. Had it occurred to you that Self-sovereign ID has the “Sovereign” (word) in it for a very clear and unambiguous reason? You are King of your own name and your SSI is worth your weight in gold.

You are Sovereign, if you Seize your ID

Blockchain is the answer for Self-sovereign Identification (SSI) but it’s not free to remain online 365 days per year, so naturally the blockchain model operates on tokens and for that matter, the entire “identity industry” and even banking (soon) and financial services, all accept tokens or an app, or blockchain service.

Lions Gate is a Society based on the model of the Royal Canadian Legion where there are four categories of membership. The breakthrough idea is that your name has value when it’s involved in a collective, then as a group begin to replace the cost of tokenizing the digital signature with an income from the use of your name in the cluster of other names, all people who are trusted because they had to be invited to join the club, then vetted by normal verification systems.

The advantage of a society or club, is that it’s designed for the the execution and preservation of it’s charter. Our treasury allocates subscription fee profits into blockchain staking, mining and node development, then to convert your meagre monthly investment of Pi from your $9.99 and pay if forward for mining, then Pi for the downline of introducers (pay it back) and Pi for service fee (hard cost), with the profit left as juice for the society to collect.

p296 Helianthus annulus and H. araneosus
p296 Helianthus annulus and H. araneosus

From a simple $9.99 per month business model is launched but the unique feature is that each month your fee is slightly smaller by using the Golden Ratio (Fibonacci sequence), as you pay it forward, and as new members join behind you, and mathematically dependent upon your influence to the growth, all by open source formulas that associate to product sales figures, your monthly fee eventually turns into a monthly dividend and grows by the same ratios, similar to a sunflower seed in the sunflower, our Club being the sunflower and your name being the seed.

Paul Revere's signature
Paul Revere’s signature

My point is that your name, like Paul Revere’s and/or George Washington’s, all by itself had less value at that time when it was by itself but when it was with other people’s names it became extremely valuable and powerful, especially at that time (respect for the rule of law and the authority that those names together brought to bear). When a group of signatures are aggregated they become much more valuable than any one name by itself.

By forming a society and adopt Kaizen methods of management where the first rule is 1. Let go of assumptions. Plus, copy the Legion model but modify everything to suite our Club. Next formulate the affiliate program so that associates could earn an income by helping other people obtain their own SSI and attempt to recruit Notary Public, Judges, Doctors, Clergy, Military and Law Enforcement people to join us because they have the best verified identification in the real world and provide the most trustworthy members for building our society.

All people are equally sovereign in terms of their digital ID but some names have more influence and provide greater attractiveness for other members. What’s interesting is that a famous name would be able to generate more money and make money sooner from joining because of their influence but they still are worth zero all by themselves, or if they join IBM, Facebook, the Vatican or Virgin they will be paying them a monthly fee and making zero on their name.

Names only have value when they’re in league with thousands of other names, that’s how governments operate. Lions Gate offer us the opportunity to create a society within the society, and in fact it’s already been mandated by the UN called ID2020 that everyone By Law, will require Self-sovereign ID to be connected to the Internet, whether by telephone or any other way. You have to own SSI in the future, so we invented a way to make it a profit center, in a long term plan.

George Washington's official letters and signature from National Library of Scotland
H.S.597, 13/9/04, 12:39 pm, 8C, 2718×1192 (1156+1703), 50%, bent 6 stops, 1/60 s, R114.5, G89.5, B105.6 from National Library of Scotland

If you allow Uncle Sam, the Queen or any Government to host your SSI (in theory) you forfeit your Sovereignty.

The first assumption we let go of, is the business model being like anything previous to it, except one similarity, a monthly subscription fee but from that baseline we intend to chart an entirely new path. We are attempting to create “proof-of-concept” that Self-sovereign Identification (SSI) sales and processing can become sustainable and create great careers for thousands of people by adopting the ZenDAO and using a “Share the Growth” business model.

The ZenDAO uses economic theory, game theory, liquid democracy, and the lastest privacy technology to allocated treasury fund resources. We are not just creating technological innovations with our SSI systems, we are also pushing social innovations in how people interact with each other for a common purpose.

Lions Gate Club wants to take an old model and create something new and exciting that would have the opportunity to open a Club-house in every town and city, where people could earn as agents who collect and verify applications. A movement to form local groups and clusters, learning together how to take back your sovereignty, how to create your own node. Once you have a node on the blockchain, you are earning positive income, rather than paying a fee.

Royal Canadian Legion Example

Ordinary membership

Ordinary membership is open to anyone who has served or is serving in one of the following:

  • The Canadian Forces or Her Majesty’s Forces (including regular force or reserve force under class “C” service).

Associate membership

Individuals who do not qualify for ordinary membership can be associate members if one of the following applies:

  • The Royal Canadian Air, Army or Sea cadets for no less than 3 years of the joined date.(cadet graduates receive a one year free membership ask command for details)

Affiliate voting membership

Commonwealth subjects who do not qualify for ordinary or associate membership are eligible for affiliate membership.

Affiliate non-voting membership

Non-Commonwealth subjects from an Allied nation who support the aims and objects of The Royal Canadian Legion can apply for affiliate non-voting membership.

NOTE: We use the Royal Canadian Legion as an example of successful concept for a club organization. Legions are ubiquitous in Canada because they provide a valuable benefit to every community. At Legions it’s common practice to dance and party, eat, drink and celebrate surviving horrific wars, and especially to remember the fallen. At Lions Gate Club our common practice would be to discuss how to grow a sustainable, revenue generating cluster of nodes by teaching people about Self-sovereign ID and the blockchain, why it matters and how it can make the Internet fun again, plus make you money.

George Washington’s signature Photo credit: National Library of Scotland on VisualHunt / No known copyright restrictions Paul Revere Signature Photo credit: Patrick Q on Visual Hunt / CC BY-NC Golden Ratio Photo credit: wyldvision on Visualhunt / CC BY


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