Declaration of Human Sovereignty and Freedom

Declaration of Human Sovereignty and Freedom

Natural rights and freedoms exist because of our intrinsic humanness. Natural rights are neither negotiable, extinguishable, nor do they lapse. We declare that all governments must recognize this sacred attribute as existing prior to the formation of any governments, and that this attribute is not of their creation.

We hold the following freedoms for all inhabitants of the Earth, in sacred trust for our individual and collective future, and for generations to come:

Pursuit of Happiness
We declare our right to pursue happiness in all aspects of our lives, congruent with the respect for the rights of others.

The Absolute Right to Life and Bodily Sovereignty
We declare our sole and natural sovereign right to make all decisions pertaining to bodily care and maintenance, free from interference or infringements of treatments or medicines, except with our fully informed permission, free from coercion by others, including medical professionals, educators, employers, businesses, community organizations, and governments.

We further declare our sovereign and inviolable right of ownership of all biological and genetic material that comprise our bodies, and for all decisions and use in relation to same, including after death. 

We further declare our inalienable right to all medical treatments of our choice, whether recognized by medicine/physicians/governments or not.

Security of the Person
We declare our right to security of the person – a basic entitlement acknowledged by various declarations and laws around the world. This right is not bestowed upon us by governments, but rather recognized by governments as a guiding foundational principle.

Freedom to Assemble
We declare our right as individuals to physically and freely move, associate and assemble with others in the expression, promotion, pursuit, or defense of common interests; and to stand as individuals while expressing our individual views in concert with other individuals or groups.

Freedom of Access to Information
We declare our right to access, to receive and to share information freely without censorship or obstruction in any form by governments, corporations, international organizations, or the media.

Freedom of Speech
We declare our right to the exchange of ideas in private and in public discourse, free from excessive cultural, legal or arbitrary controls; free from subtle or overt suppression of unconventional views or expressions of political opinion; free from coercion by either the majority or the minority; free from regulation, limitation or censorship by governments, corporations, international organizations or the media. This includes the right to question and the right to disagree; all the above limited only by established laws of libel, defamation and/or slander.

Freedom to Worship
We declare our right to physically and freely exercise our personal expression of faith or religion in our day-to-day lives both in private and in public, as individuals or in community, free from limitation or restriction on prayer or the private or public observance of traditional rites or holidays.

Freedom to Earn a Living
We declare our right to freely work, and to enjoy and share the fruits of our labour, our skills, our knowledge and experience without arbitrary restriction or hindrance. This includes the right to freely own and enjoy property.

Government Transparency and Accountability
We declare our right to full transparency from the government, its agencies, and public servants in all of their dealings, insofar as their authority is delegated to them by the people whom they are obliged to serve.

Freedom to Petition for Redress
We declare our right to petition any Government, government agency, national entity or political entity for a redress of grievances.

Freedom to Resist, Protest and Rebel
We declare our right to resist, protest and rebel against, and to overthrow, if necessary, any government that assumes more authority than we allow, and acts to oppress or endanger the well-being and safety of individuals.

Right to a Fair, Independent, and Unbiased Judiciary
We declare our right to a fair, independent, and unbiased judiciary, and obliged to protect the fundamental rights of all people.

Right to Personal Privacy
We declare our absolute right to privacy, free of harassment or surveillance, prohibition from intrusion without warrant or substantiated cause.

We Command that Elected Government Officials and their Agents Acknowledge:

  1. That the rights and freedoms proclaimed in this declaration are sacred and inviolable.
  2. That their respective duties of service to the people under their oaths of allegiance and of office obligate them to honour and protect these rights and freedoms, people’s lives, livelihood, and well-being.
  3. That all elected government representatives, government health agencies, and mainstream media reverse immediately the promotion and continuation of the disastrous and oppressive policies implemented in response to this declared pandemic and take immediate measures to mitigate the damage caused by those policies.

We Commit to the Development of an Independent Citizen Body to Investigate:

  1. How decisions were made to not follow established pandemic protocols and why the weight of bona fide science and informed voices were excluded from the decision-making process and the management of this crisis.
  2. How decisions were made to deny access to recognized prevention and treatment strategies known to treat successfully most patients at all stages of disease.
  3. How decisions were made to promote ‘vaccines’ as the only way back to “normal.”
  4. How decisions were made to aggressively and exclusively market to healthy people and to those at near zero risk of death from the illness itself, inadequately tested experimental pharmaceutical products, when manufacturers themselves admit their products do not immunize against infection, nor prevent transmission.
  5. How mainstream media globally has been reduced to a single voice that propagandizes impending doom, broadcasts fraudulent ‘facts’, and stokes the flames of panic, to the exclusion of all other voices or opinions.
  6. How to hold to account legally and financially, the individuals, corporations, government officials (including in their personal capacities), organizations and authorities that perpetrated this disaster, and to initiate a reparations process for damages inflicted upon the people of the world to be paid by those individuals, corporations, and authorities responsible.

We Do Hereby Declare from This Day Forward:

  1. That we will collectively rise up, speak up and disobey harmful and tyrannical orders to ensure that future generations may thrive, reaching their full potential in health and happiness, free of domination by those that have assumed powers not granted to them by their people.
  2. That we will stand in our power and authority and reclaim what has been unlawfully and immorally taken from us.
  3. That any authority delegated to governments will be revoked should they fail to uphold and protect the rights and freedoms of humanity.
  4. That commands herein not honored will be met with resistance, as the exclusive choice of each individual, by whatever means necessary, being reasonable and proportionate to the refusal or failure of governments to comply with these commands.

We are facing an unprecedented coordinated assault on our humanity. This is a battle where we must unite to reclaim and assert our divine responsibilities, rights and freedoms.

Therefore, with all the power that I hold, I pledge to resist all violations of human rights and freedoms, to demand justice and to help renew our humanity.


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