Going for broke in the Race for SSI Proof of Concept

Race for SSI Proof of Concept

There is a Race for SSI Proof of Concept and in the running are hundreds of start-ups from every corner of the Internet, in the running for a business model that can sell, register, activate and deliver customers with a Self-soverreign ID (SSI) that currently the customer has no need for and most of the population of the planet have no desire nor ability to pay another monthly utility bill.

It takes time and cost money to deliver a single SSI, then it has a maintenance cost like anything that needs to globally accessible on the web. All for what, is what the customer will ask? So the Gov and Big Brother FANG (Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Google, also in the race) can invade your life even further? No, the opposite is possible, once the truth is widespread and known; SSI is the greatest breakthrough since the WWW was invented and it’s all because of blockchain that this can happen.

Lions Gate Club have a strategy to achieve “Proof of Concept” and you reading these words is part of the strategy – communication! Screaming from the rooftops that SSI gives people Self-sovereignty. To be Self-sovereign is God given, it had been usurped by Governments and corporations, now we have an opportunity to carpe diem (seize the day) and take back control of your primary, most valuable digital asset (your name), then tokenize it, corportize it, and monetize it!

The following is from Outlier Ventures:

“None of us actually owns a digital identity. We simply ‘rent’ identities from each of the websites or apps we use, resulting in an inefficient, fraud-riddled, privacy-invading mess. Additionally, each organization we interact with must store our personal information in massive databases. These ‘silos’ become gold mines to hackers and toxic liabilities for anyone obligated to store the data. A siloed approach to identity may have worked in the early days of the Internet, but with practically every business and billions of people now online, problems such as fraud are growing rapidly. The costs of these problems will soon balloon as billions more identities come online with the Internet of Things. Regulators try to police misbehavior by dishing out billions in fines each year, but they don’t address the root cause. Data breaches continue to occur almost daily, often because siloed identity creates massive troves of data attractive to hackers.

Solving the identity silo problem begins with a digital identity that you literally own, not just control — a “self-sovereign” identity. When combined with verifiable claims, it enables any person, organization, or thing to interact directly with any other person, organization or thing, with trust and privacy. If anyone other than you can “pull the plug” or change the rules for your identity, it isn’t self-sovereign, it is siloed – even if it uses ‘blockchain’ technology. True, globally scalable self-sovereign identity requires an open source, decentralized network which no single entity owns or controls. Until the advent of distributed ledger technology (DLT) this was impossible.

Like the Internet, it is not owned by anyone: everyone can use it and anyone can improve it.

– Any person, organization, or thing can actually own their digital identity – not just control it – independent from any silo. – Any person, organization, or thing can instantly verify the authenticity of “claims,” including who (or what) something claims to be. – Complete control of how, what and when information is shared, without added risk of correlation and without creating troves of breachable data.”


Outlier Ventures claims that “Sovrin, invented by Evernym, is the world’s only global public utility for trusted, self-sovereign identity”.

Lions Gate Club is formed to collectively defend self-sovereignty, you are a participant in this process. Sovrin has done the heavy-lifting and other global networks have collaborated to meet W3C standards for payment verification standards, which created a global standard like an Internet SSI backbone on which your SSI is activated and designed to increase transaction speed.

Timing is everything! As an online society, Lions Gate Club has a clear-cut opportunity. The challenge is “proof of concept”. Once we achieve proof of concept there is virtually unlimited venture capital. The amount of investment into SSI is predicted to be over $1Trillion because it’s the governments that have been mandated to make ID2020 a reality (by 2030), ironically if they themselves provide the SSI, it would not be Self-sovereign (by definition).

Our unique selling proposition is to create an asset of your SSI by clustering your data on a token of a blockchain. Then by paying a club subscription fee that allocates money forward (approximately one third) towards your own node on the same blockchain. It’s by using the very tokens that we are creating, to generate revenue by staking nodes and then mining on the top of those nodes.

What begins to happen, is the value of the token increases and as we increase nodes we bring value to the blockchain as a collective of nodes and it all starts with a single SSI associating to another, and those two doubling due to their own witness on their SSI build. We create legends of the most elaborate SSI.

This is the best thing to happen to the world wide web since HTML

By using the Golden Ration (Fibonacci sequence) affiliate payment model, all associate members are rewarded for introducing new members and/or selling our software (cell phone security), cold storage zip drives, and QR code key fobs, plus private labelled Moleskine notebooks and writing accessories.

Lions Gate Club proposes to match human ingenuity and brain power, against AI and Transhumanism. Trust is developed by humans, not machines. Our Society is very basic, you must be invited and you must be able to be verified by your own witness, who is also verified by a Lions Gate Club member.

Race for SSI Photo credit: t3rmin4t0r on VisualHunt / CC BY


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