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Cloud Token Wallet by Ronald Aai

From the mobile phone master minds of Shenzhen, comes the next generation digital wallet developed by the tech legend Ronald Aai. The company from Malaysia created the Cloud Token Wallet strategy and convinced Ron Aai to develop the secure, mobile phone digital wallet, to end all other wallets.

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An idea so good that it has captivating the minds of FinTech nerds the world wide, all eyes are on Ronald Aai for solving the crypto-exchange-liquidity problem. Also, the FinTech dream of causing mass adoption of crypto in China. The Ron Aai-team boast extensive banking software experience and backgrounds.

Global payment cards are in the digital wallet

Singapore 07
Photo credit: Richard Cawood on VisualHunt / CC BY-NC

SQ2 Fintech is a Financial Technology Solution-as-a-Service provider (FinTech Solaas) headquartered in Singapore with offices in China and Malaysia. SQ2 focus on building innovative technological solutions, platforms and eco-systems; especially in the financial technology industry.  

The features that are packed into this “Swiss Army Knife” of digital wallets, it’s impossible to imagine a better opportunity for Lions Gate Club to team–up with Cloud Token Wallet and collaborate towards becoming the SSI provider.

Please watch this video and then follow the instructions to begin using the coolest, most secure, next generation digital wallet in the world today.

After you watch the video, follow the steps (below) to get Cloud Token Wallet

Free to join

how to get started follow the instructions here,

Download the App in the app store 
Search in app store for cloud token wallet

To activate and set up open the app and use the code below

*Referral code* 

Works via app on any Android or IPhone/Ipad

Ronald Aai – Ronald Aai was live from warren cavanagh on Vimeo.

Photo credit: Richard Cawood on Visual Hunt / CC BY-NC


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