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Fraud Fighters

New Research: 81% of Frontline Fraud Fighters Say Financial Services Organizations Could be Doing More to Fight Fraud

Survey from ID Insight and About-Fraud Uncovers Fraud Fighters’ Opinions About What Financial Services Companies Can Do – and Invest in – to Support Success MINNEAPOLIS, May 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — New research released today finds that frontline fraud fighters believe there’s much more to be done in the multi-billion-dollar battle against fraud, and provides financial services […]

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Hack to the Future

Finastra names Hack to the Future 4 winners

Hack to the Future Celebrated projects include initiatives promoting financial literacy, solar energy and fair lending – Hack to the Future LONDON, April 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Finastra today announced the winners of its Hack to the Future 4 annual global hackathon. Thousands of participants from over 75 countries submitted 230+ projects focused on sustainable and inclusive finance, embedded […]

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China Self-sovereign Identity Strategy

China Self-sovereign Identity Strategy

China Self-sovereign Identity Strategy has been to let the world think the giant was still sleeping, even spin a media narrative of financial struggles, debt bubbles, ghost cities and bank collapse, meanwhile nothing could be further from the truth. China is stealth on steroids, as it’s masses adopt digital wallets for storing everything except crypto, […]

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Silver and Gold

Cloud Token Wallet by Ronald Aai

From the mobile phone master minds of Shenzhen, comes the next generation digital wallet developed by the tech legend Ronald Aai. The company from Malaysia created the Cloud Token Wallet strategy and convinced Ron Aai to develop the secure, mobile phone digital wallet, to end all other wallets. Cloud Token Wallet Referral Code – see […]

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Yuan Fintech

The Future of FinTech is Self-sovereign ID

Shame that we didn’t invent SSI before we invented the @ symbol, then we would have known all along, who was @ the other end of the communication. If we had of done it that way, then we could have saved the trillions of wasted dollars of compliance, by every bank and financial institution, as […]

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