Self-Sovereignty and the State

Self-sovereignty may be the most valuable edict ever enacted for the common man because it holds the promise of total freedom to choose what country you wish to reside in, as well as provide you the equivalent of a diplomatic passport to travel the world, that is if and when it reaches it’s potential.

Keep in mind that Self-sovereignty won’t have much use in the beginning, aside from digital ID but eventually people will awaken to what power of the meaning “sovereignty” can yield when it’s true value is recognized within a strategically collective society.

Self-government is the direction we are moving and that’s a good thing but the nation state still holds a key role to play in defending law and enforcing order but as time goes by the self-determination of the populace, with the help of blockchain and digital ID tokens, will replace politicians with online democracy. Installing new systems for management of tasks and duties, plus oversight and metrics for monitoring expenditures (reduce loss).

Currently a deceptive narrative, led by the UN, has been propelling Digital ID but still we can be thankful to the United Nations for creating Self-sovereign Identity, however at this time it’s rather monopolized by Proof of Health and Corona pass to travel. Meanwhile the value of self-sovereignty is being under-sold, so that people don’t catch-on to the true value.

One day soon innovative marketing strategies will begin to exploit the hidden wealth in the value proposition of Self-sovereignty in clubs and societies to form blocks by adding names and creating larger blocks, or tokens which increase in value, with long-term steady growth projections.

Now when considering collective schemes of combining Self-sovereignty ID’s into large groups it’s too soon and not understood. Soon that will begin to change as monetary incentives for recruiting other people into online organizations, to accumulate their digital assets collectively. This is a more beneficial and rewarding online society, association, club or organization.

Groups will learn to harvest the income created from the Self-sovereignty blockchain, wealth of nations that is hidden in plain sight.

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  1. Valerie O’Doherty Avatar
    Valerie O’Doherty

    That sounds nice, Aaron, but in the meantime, those of us who decline the deadly “vaccine” and masking, etc, will have had all of our assets stolen by Big Gov, our rights to our bank accounts removed, what then? How does self-sovereignity profit us in that situation?

    1. To control your own health records and what is now being called “vaccine passport”, we need to allow free enterprise solutions. I am aware of the enemy and believe we need to know our enemy, then get in front of their plans to globalize the planet into a NWO control grid. The “Self-Sovereign” distinction was invented to sell the idea via United Nations and then in lock-step down the Government structures of 190 countries of the world.

      Corporations like Apple, Google and Microsoft are in the same race to aggregate the ID’s of the 7 Billion inhabitants of earth. Now though, the term “self-sovereign” is being replaced with “Digital ID” for fear that people like you would understand the difference.

      One day in the very near future you will wake up to learn that a “security layer” has been added to the WWW (World Wide Web) AND all users of the Internet, no matter the device, must verify their identity to log-on. Lions Gate Digital wants to be a provider of Self-Sovereign ID but created to be more of an “Association” or “Society” (for the protection of individual sovereignty).

      Yes, I know that Pfizer have a patent for hidden digital ID number inside the serum of the vaccine, so as I said you can get a digital ID from the enemy, or you go to or others and set-up your own Self-Sovereign ID.

      Note: it’s difficult to be in front of something like this, that I can see coming and no-one understands what I am talking about. You see, I know that W3C (world wide web consortium) have already written the rules for the browser, that includes every mobile phone – Digital ID is coming, we can’t stop it. All we can do is attempt to build an organization or collective, to attempt to protect individual rights.

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