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Self-Sovereign Identity Crisis

Self-Sovereign Identity Crisis

The Self-Sovereign Identity Crisis is a result of Surveillance Capitalism, as the corporate oligarchs of the tech sector rush in for market share. The term “self-sovereign” was only used to sell the concept to the United Nations and Global Governments, then abandoned when selling to the people who own it.

Digital ID is the preferred term of the Tech Giants, as it has mush less meaning to the owner. People consent to giving their bio-metrics because they are not properly informed. Self-Sovereign has so much more meaning and value than what is being sold.

As the Surveillance Capitalism Complex races to capture as much data (humans) as possible, they neglect to obtain informed consent.

The database, called Aadhaar in India for example, contains the digital identifications of more than 1 billion residents, making it the largest biometric digital ID system ever constructed. If those residents were informed of the value and importance of Self-Sovereign Identity, they not have consented to be tagged with a digital identification.

Sovereign is a word with too much meaning, surveillance capitalists are intent on ignoring that word.

The name of the game is to collect as much human tagging data as possible, as fast as possible and informed consent would take too long. Also, product knowledge requires an education process and that’s too costly and slow.

People are losing giving away their sovereignty by signing a contract without informed consent. Global Tech companies are intentionally deceptive in marketing. The name of “Digital ID” glosses over the purpose of someone giving away your biometric signature. This invasion of privacy is piracy and criminal.

All men are created equal, all deserve to be treated as equal. Self-Sovereignty has been legally granted to all inhabitants of earth.

Through deceptive marketing practices the first-movers in the Digital ID market have done-away with the sovereignty. As a result a burgeoning new industry is experiencing a Self-Sovereign Identity Crisis.


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