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Surveillance Capitalism

Surveillance Capitalism: The Price of the Digital Age

Surveillance capitalism is a term that is increasingly becoming relevant in today’s digital age. Coined by Harvard Professor Shoshana Zuboff in her 2019 book, “The Age of Surveillance Capitalism,” the term refers to the commodification of personal data by tech companies. Essentially, it’s a business model where companies collect, analyze, and sell user data to […]

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Self-Sovereign Identity Crisis

Self-Sovereign Identity Crisis The Self-Sovereign Identity Crisis is a result of Surveillance Capitalism, as the corporate oligarchs of the tech sector rush in for market share. The term “self-sovereign” was only used to sell the concept to the United Nations and Global Governments, then abandoned when selling to the people who own it. Digital ID […]

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Diabolical Digital ID - Image from page 197 of "Illustrated catalogue and price-list of drawing and tracing papers, sun print papers and equipments, drawing instruments and materials, surveying instruments, accessories, etc. / Kolesch & Company." (1917)

Diabolical — How Digital ID Will Control Your Life

Diabolical — How Digital ID Will Control Your Life While the media continue to scoff at warnings that vaccine passports are part of a surveillance structure that is likely to become a permanent part of our lives if we allow their implementation, there’s nothing to suggest that this won’t be the case. In “The Jimmy […]

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