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Self-Sovereign Foundation Announces the Self-Sovereign Database

Research in Decentralized Identity Yields Confidential Data Storage

Self-Sovereign Foundation

NEW YORK, Oct. 18, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Self-Sovereign Foundation, a nonprofit focused on equitable solutions for decentralized identity, has unveiled its Self-Sovereign Database. This critically needed software component stores sensitive data in a provably tamper-proof way. We all need to store personal data, and we all know it is not appropriately protected: trade secrets, family pictures, customer information, and healthcare data. Digital identity is not just about passwordless login and a driver’s license — it’s about all data. Because very soon, all data will be verified and credentialed.

The Self-Sovereign Database is a personal, privacy-respecting database management system for storing, searching and retrieving personal data so securely that even the storage provider cannot verify the identity or access the information. The Self-Sovereign Database is the ultimate secret data vault, a database powered by self-sovereign identity and verified credentials where only the individual is in control. 

This breakthrough technology helps applications quickly achieve decentralization and data immutability without the slowness and expense of blockchain-based solutions while still being redundant, portable, and protected from breaches. The Self-Sovereign Database supports 256-bit AES encryption and optional FIPS security. The Foundation has started beta testing the integration of the Self-Sovereign Database with decentralized identity platforms and service providers and is seeking new partnerships. Currently supporting Microsoft Entra and EBSI, the database is W3C DID standard and interoperable.

About the Self-Sovereign Foundation

The Self-Sovereign Foundation is a nonprofit entity that empowers individuals with self-determination over personal data. The pillars of our Foundation are protecting confidentiality, ensuring accessibility, and equitable participation. Our mission is a future where users decide for themselves what information they share about themselves with different parties to preserve their privacy. For more information about our programs and research or to join our beta program, please visit us at

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Eric Stone

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