Kiva protocol, Sierra Leone

Kiva protocol, Sierra Leone and Self-sovereign ID for the Unbanked

Seara Leone is leading the way in addressing the biggest challenge in the ID2020 Alliance, UN Mandate, how to provide Self-sovereign Identity to the unbanked and formerly unbankable?

The unbanked masses in all corners of the planet, will be moved away from the poverty line. This plan has created the largest data input challenge in history… how to create and verify digital ID for the hundreds of millions of people who are new online? The Answer: Kiva Protocol

Kiva, Sierra Leone and U.N. agencies partner to implement ‘credit bureau of the future’

Kiva protocol: building the credit bureau of the future using SSI – Alan Krassowski – Webinar 37

Alan Krassowski, VP of Technology & Blockchain at Kiva, will explain how the Kiva Protocol team is leveraging Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) and related technologies to develop identity and credit solutions for traditionally underserved populations, starting with an implementation in concert with Sierra Leone’s government and banking systems, in partnership with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

Alan will provide an overview of the project and its goals, including some of the challenges related to infrastructure, such as limited electricity, Internet bandwidth and penetration of smartphone devices —  and how Kiva is overcoming those challenges. Alan will also explain how Kiva is leveraging various Hyperledger codebases related to verifiable credentials, decentralized identifiers, and distributed ledgers, as well as how Kiva is contributing back to the open-source community.

Kiva protocol, Sierra Leone

The audience will gain a better understanding of a real-world application of SSI technologies that will provide powerful benefits to citizens in the developing world. How is Kiva giving unbanked people digital identity and secure control over their own credit information? How can a systems-level change in identity and credit unlock capital and opportunity for millions of people?

Alan has been a professional software engineer, architect, and leader for over thirty years. After earning his B.S. in Computer Engineering from Rochester Institute of Technology, he worked as a software developer in a wide variety of domains including fintech, insurance, desktop publishing, point-of-sale, accounting, budgeting, video streaming, and narrative theory. He has also held technical leadership roles at various companies in the cybersecurity space, including Chief Architect at Cylance, Inc., Chief Architect & Senior Director at McAfee / Intel Security, and Architect in the Office of the CTO at Symantec. Prior to his role at Kiva, he was a Decentralization Architect at ConsenSys and CTO of ConsenSys Capital where he worked with Ethereum-based blockchain solutions. He has been a technical editor/reviewer on four software security books and one on Bitcoin, and is excited about how advances in cryptography have led to new solutions for people to communicate, collaborate and trade while minimizing the need to trust in centralized institutions.

Register on this link to join the webinar on the 26th of September 1 pm MST / 3 pm EST / 9 pm CET.

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