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Digital Ecosystems with Self-Sovereign Identity

It’s happening all over the world, in small unrelated projects, almost as a natural process of improvement of a system by open source. Region by region, it’s the credit unions and small financial service providers creating the Digital Ecosystems with Self-Sovereign Identity.

Here’s just one of many examples from around the globe.

A headline theme for Digital Scotland is building a ‘digital ecosystem’, a goal with multiple dimensions.

First, this site itself will form one aspect of this, the community enabling a ‘digital business network’ – Members can build a professional profile, make new virtual connections, share and promote best practices, post jobs and company profiles and so on, with many more features to come.

The core feature is the ability to enable online collaboration, through project groups with team documents, with one key exercise being the definition of the ecosystem itself. Here is the group.

Digital Scotland is building a ‘digital ecosystem’, a goal with multiple dimensions.

Growing a Platform Economy

A digital ecosystem is also referred to by the popular moniker of a ‘Platform’ organization. For example Uber Taxis is an ecosystem of self-employed taxi drivers, Airbnb a marketplace of landlords, and how they work is achieved through defining the purpose, roles and governance, the Ecosystem Model. This is implemented through enabling technology, a mobile app that intelligently interconnects buyers with sellers.

To start to explore how this principle can be applied to a national framework, this EU tweet is helpful.

Source: Digital Scotland

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