Biafra one pound bank note, circa 1947

Trust Anchor and Identity Access Management Systems

Biafra one pound bank note, circa 1947

The new glossary has been released, to describe the mission of Lions Gate Club. Trust Anchor and Identity Access Management Systems are just two of the many new terms in the lexicon for web development, as the founders and pioneers of the Self-sovereign Identity (SSI) technology framework, introduce a new glossary of terminology.

A comparison of these new tech terms is the beginning of the world wide web, when newbies learned the difference between a web page and a web server. Now the future lingo will be about SSI and DID’s and soon people will understand what are “Identity Access Management Systems”.

Identity Issuers will be driving the movement and many of these entities will be trust anchors and some, such as credit unions and associations will provide insurance on your SSI. The mobile phone is the device for the digital wallets to enable the access to the SSI blockchain.

Currently there are 8 Identity Access management Systems (wallets) available now on Google Play. One such remarkable App is called StreetCred a provider of accurate, real-time place data. This technology is designed to enrich your city and travel experience by providing more information about the best things to see.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is here now, it’s not science fiction and it will grow and grow and our devices will be able to do more and more with the data being provided by the locations we pass, so naturally a SSI systems is necessary to manage your own identity. Over time it will be normal to everyone.

A Trust Anchor is an Identifier recognized inside the Governance organization, as a Credential Authority that can Verify the Identity Claim.

Trust Anchor Photo credit: kevin dooley on / CC BY


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