Synchronicity of DAO Decentralized Autonomous Organizations

Synchronicity of DAO Decentralized Autonomous Organizations is happening all over the world, it’s an enlightenment and raising of consciousness. It’s not just one mind, it’s many, all arriving at the same conclusion.

Quartz article just today describes some of the same ideas I had been writing about, without any knowledge of these meetings. I didn’t know that other people were are of DAO outside of the Zen Labs and Horizen but here’s an excerpt;

How can we design companies for human flourishing?

In August, the Business Roundtable CEO lobbying group—led by JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon and with members including Amazon’s Jeff Bezos—redefined the purpose of a corporation and essentially rejected Milton Friedman’s long dominant theory about shareholder supremacy. It was a historic moment that challenges popular teachings in MBA programs across the country and the business practices we see in corporations today.

That same week, a few hundred developers gathered in Berlin to discuss the future of DAOs, a relatively new organizational model that decentralizes power and decision-making among all stakeholders. The two gatherings, though philosophically divergent in many ways, were united in their core thesis that the classic corporate model is due for an upgrade.

It’s all about incentive alignment

At the end of the day, no matter where you stand on the centralization <—> decentralization spectrum, organizations experience long-term success or failure due to the strength of incentive alignment among all stakeholders—employees, leaders, customers, suppliers, society at large. The Business Roundtable took an important step by formally acknowledging this.

We are only in the early stages of this next evolution in consciousness, which begins with greater self-awareness and exploration. How it manifests at scale remains to be seen, but thanks to a number of pioneering leaders and organizations, we have some clues as to what’s ahead.

Please read the entire article on Quartz by clicking on the link below.

How can we design companies for human flourishing?

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