Quarter - trillion dollar business opportunity

SSI: The Trillion Dollar Business Opportunity

Today I attended the Self-Sovereign Identity for Everyone! Identity Webinars Webinars SSI: The Trillion Dollar Business Opportunity – Webinar 34

I can’t recommend this webinar highly enough, the amount of knowledge provided is staggering. The collaboration across industry sectors, Gov and Fintech is impressive, like everyone is involved in one project. Complete and total game changer.

You’ll learn about the new systems for verifiable credentials and triangles of trust between issuer, holder and verifier, through Decentralized Identifiers (DIDS), and how the W3C Consortium is set to enact changes that will across the globe and usher in a new identity governance framework.

Here it is SSI: The Trillion Dollar Business Opportunity from SSIMeetup

This webinar, based on a panel of the same name held at Seattle Devcon in July, will feature four experts from different areas of the digital identity industry explaining why they believe Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) is one of the most significant applications of blockchain technology to enable all kind of new business model for the digital economy.

Panelists will include Chris Spanton, Principal Architect—Blockchain at T-Mobile; Vaughan Emery, CEO of Datafi Labs; and Drummond Reed, Chief Trust Officer at Evernym and a Trustee of the Sovrin Foundation.

Video recording:

Slideshare presentation:

SSI: The Trillion Dollar Business Opportunity from SSIMeetup

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Download the full presentation “SSI: The Trillion Dollar Business Opportunity” from Google Slides.

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