Simple Truths

Simple Truths: The Case for Self-Sovereign Identity

The world moves. Technology advances. We find ourselves standing at crossroads, staring at paths paved by Big Gov and Big Tech. Both promise the same thing: a digital ID for the new age. But the truth? It’s found somewhere else – in Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI). Here’s why.

Big Gov has strength. It has power. But with that power comes weight. The heavy bureaucracy makes change slow, like an old bull trying to keep pace with sprightly calves. Big Gov means centralized control. It means data housed in a single barn, a target for those with ill intentions. It’s a single point of failure in a vast digital landscape. Too risky.

Then there’s Big Tech. Sleek. Modern. But with its shine comes opacity. Behind the gleaming surface, data gets traded, often without consent. With Big Tech, control is elsewhere, not with the individual. The profits, the power, they flow upward, leaving the user, the real owner of the data, out in the cold.

SSI? It’s different. It’s like the open plains. Vast. Decentralized. SSI gives control back to the individual. It’s your identity, your data. You decide who sees it, who doesn’t. It’s not stored in one barn or controlled by one entity. It’s spread out, secure, like stars scattered across the night sky.

With SSI, trust is inherent. Transactions are transparent. You know where your data goes, and who’s knocking at your digital door. There’s no middleman. No ulterior motives. It’s just you and your identity, standing strong.

The world is complex. Digital identity shouldn’t add to that complexity. It should be straightforward, transparent, and secure. It should be in the hands of the one it belongs to. That’s the simple truth.

In the end, it’s a matter of trust. Do you trust a heavy system, slow to change, susceptible to breaches? Do you trust shiny corporations, with their hidden motives and centralized power?

Or do you trust yourself?

The answer seems clear. The world moves. And as it does, may it move towards the simplicity and truth of Self-Sovereign Identity.


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