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Self-Sovereign Identity to Unite Africa

Self-Sovereign Identity to Unite Africa with Share the Growth Business Model versus a “Top Down” commercial venture. A ground-up grassroots community organized, for the purpose of driving a new digital economy.

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Every soul on earth may obtain an identity, all they need is a smart phone and by taking the right steps, taught by an agent who earns money to enroll the new registrant, if the correct mathematical model is set-up, the collection of digital identities becomes the tip of the iceberg of the new digital economy, where the revenue is sustainably shared locally.

An open source business model, developed for the purpose of registering and issuance of Self-sovereign Identity (SSI) provides the revenue to Unite Africa, from coast to coast and top to bottom. As mandated by the United Nations with funding sources already available, all that needs to happen is a grassroots movement by the people for the people.

The smart phone is the key device to unlocking the potential of paradigm shift, that is designed into a co-operative business model. The shift is from having multi-national corporations earning that same revenue to provide us something that we can do for ourselves, as the fundamental building block of a new digital economy to Unite Africa to the rest of the world.

China lifted 90 million souls from poverty in less than 20 years by developing the infrastructure for clean water, energy grids, sanitation, education, hospitals, hiways and hi-speed rail. Managed by NEW online institutions that are operated by trusted experts and streamlined to empower the people to rise-up and build the mega-cities of the future.

Ethiopia is the perfect starting point, for multitude of reasons which I’ll be discussing here on this blog as I begin to post again.

The time has come to start the movement to Unite Africa.


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