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Self-sovereign Identity (SSI) is Online Anarchy

Anarchy Online is what the Internet was for the first couple of decades and then over time the benefits of anonymity were abused by far too many people and parties creating and adopting fake accounts on all the social media platforms, then wave after wave of fraud, con jobs, scams, phishing and criminal activity with zero regard for the rule of law, Many futurists foresaw this day.


Noun; absence of government and absolute freedom of the individual, regarded as a political ideal.

Oxford Dictionary

Blockchain has arrived and it’s such a game-changer that the masses are unaware of grids that are being installed, connected and adopted by banking and finance institutions at the central bank level and all the way down to the corner, little town credit union in the most remote corner of every country. According to a June Report by Swift there are 11,000 members with 180 currencies, now using a gpi system with real-time tracking of tokens of money.

SWIFT’s view of the future is deceptively simple: to make cross-border payments real-time, 24/7 and as seamless, convenient, cost-efficient and accessible as domestic payments.

Brussels, 20 June 2019

SWIFT publishes paper on the future of payments – June 20, 2019

Canada announced that it was holding Bitcoin in it’s treasury, as have other countries, which by definition makes it a “reserve currency”, except that’s not the definition used by Central Banks but they all have prepared for the coming dawn of cryptocurrency. Now the throngs of early adopters can be congratulated, crypto is here to stay when you have the head of the bank of England suggest a “StableCoin” you know we’ve arrived.

South African Coins - Anarchy

The growing challenges for monetary policy in the current international monetary and financial system – speech by Mark Carney – Given at the Jackson Hole Symposium 2019

Imagine? The word stablecoin now in the lexicon of mainstream media, whom are already using blockchain for advertisement metrics and accept anything you have to trade for the infinite amount of space they have to sell. Media will accept any currency or asset that they can trade to get, or pay for something else. The value of Bitcoin is how useful it becomes for exchanging other cryptos and cash.

Once the SSI laws take effect there will only be two types of people online, those on the grid and those off the grid, which will likely have much limited access and be fill with trolls and phishers. The verified SSI crowd will be the masses, and once you’re on that framework, which is actually the same web but with little or no government interference in online commerce. The globalist will have achieved their objective, one giant community of people from every country, who are qualified to buy anything, buy things anywhere and transact whatever agreements that are legal and qualified by the virtue of their level of ID, in the country of the agreement. The Internet will become sane again, and everyone will win.

You are who you say you are, plus who you have established yourself to be, then had verified by a 3rd party, complied into an SSI – you validated your self-sovereignty. There’s no credit record or any negative information on your SSI unless it’s a waiver of or exoneration because you would not put anything un-helpful there, only identification. If you have broken laws, then SSI becomes the first step in clearing your good name. All people are entitled to SSI no matter the background or circumstances. This self-application process will bring integrity back to the web and allow free enterprise and free market economics to flourish.

You only get one chance to seize your sovereignty like this, in all of human history it can only be compared to the great land race of America in the wild wild west birth of UNITED States of America. The word UNITED is where the strength comes from, this is the core concept of Lions Gate Club is to use a Cooperative business model and human intellectual capital to build an online anarchy.

Anarchy Photo credit: Paul Saad on / CC BY-NC-ND


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