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Self-Sovereign Identity and Big Brother

Throughout the world Governments are suffering from data overload, the very technology involved in Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) is the one sure thing that will save the Governments, aka Big Brother, from drowning in the debt of their own data silos.

The cost associated with acquisition, storage, and management of data is increasing, and the cost of compliance and fraud but the biggest issue is the liability for holding data. Big Brother needs SaaS providers.

Today an article from IndianWeb2 made some great observations about SSI for the Government of India, however the meaning of “self” in self-sovereign” is that it must be issued by a trusted 3rd party, aside from a Government, never the less here’s a couple of excerpts.

Self-sovereign Identity and Big Brother - Feeling Undervalued
Fed is Feeling undervalued….

How can Govts Trigger a New Wave of Innovation by Providing Self-Sovereign Identity to its Citizens?

Recently, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare committee,Government of India, recommended setting up of a National Digital Health Mission (NDHM) to manage “enormous amounts of health data” generated by Ayushman Bharat. Self-Sovereign identity can bring a lot of value in terms of data security and privacy to the mission of having a digital ID for health records.

According to a World Bank report, a digital identity can help governments in unlocking economic value equivalent of 3-13% of GDP by 2030. Governments can empower its citizens and enable ease of access to a host of citizen services by embracing a Self-Sovereign identity as a safe and secure mechanism of identification. It can drive social and financial inclusion, thereby ensuring prosperity for citizens.

World Bank
E Pluribus Unum - Big Brother
Big Brother

Technologists believe that the next wave of evolution, the biggest ever since the internet, will be the emergence of a common identity, that gives citizens and businesses, the right to own self-sovereign identity.

The Chief Architect of Identity for Microsoft, Kim Cameron , once remarked, “The Internet was created without an identity layer.”

Security, control, and portability can be achieved with the help of self-sovereign identity. It would allow a user to use his/her identity data as he/she wishes to and not necessarily bound to a single entity. For individuals, to own and manage their identities, an open, decentralized system is needed.


The point that was well-made by Sharat Chandra is that Big Brother, also known as your Government, can NOT by law provide the citizen the SSI but they need that identifier moving forward to overcome their own digital bottleneck.

Self-sovereign ID is a compromise for Big Brother, this is being brought forward by forces above and beyond the Governments of the world, yes they loose some control of the ownership of their citizens but they have no choice, and besides it’s always a way for them to get their pound of flesh.

Self-sovereign ID and Cryptocurrency are the early steps in ending Big Brother.

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