National Digital ID

National Digital ID is not Self-Sovereign ID

Self-Sovereign ID

National Digital ID is not Self-Sovereign ID

National Digital ID is not Self-Sovereign ID, yes it’s a good place to start. You need to have Government issued identification, or a birth certificate in order to create Self-Sovereign ID. The passport will always remain a key document for proving your identity but if your only Digital ID is from your government, you have lost your Self-Sovereignty.

Self-Sovereignty is only provided by your application, using your Government issued certificates, such as a Social Security number. The big difference is that with a Self-Sovereign ID you control your digital domain.

With Self-Sovereign ID you reign over your Digital Domain

The importance of reigning over your own domain is that we can no longer trust corporations, or governments to respect our privacy. By 2022 Apple will launch it’s Digital ID platform and most Nation States will require Digital ID for travel. Within four years all the Internet browsers will add the security layer that requires Digital ID to log-on.

In many ways the security layer is long overdue, as online fraud became rampant. Everyone in the world will benefit by the accountability of Digital ID, as long as the systems themselves are kept accountable. Third party authentication and systems of verification, known as a Trust Anchor help reduce fraud on the Internet.

Governments are keen to control over their citizens, as a result they have become a risk for monopoly. Naturally every Nation would require it’s own identification systems and all have passports. The point though, is that only you can create your own Self-Sovereign ID and National Digital ID is not in your control. Governments tend to omit the facts about Digital ID.

Self-Sovereign ID is far superior than National Digital ID, you control one (SSI) and the other controls you.


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