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Masternode Hosting and Staking for Money Creation

Masternode Hosting and Staking is the reason to form a Society or Club

Lions Gate Club uses a third of your monthly subscription to pay for MasterNode Hosting, to earn a regular income for your crypto investments (ROI), similar to receiving interest for the holding money in a bank (Our non-custodial solution without sending coins anywhere) and manage your portfolio online.

Through a hive-mind strategy the Lions Gate Club will grow Masternode networks and leverage the economy of scale in a club, to offer our members the best Masternode hosting, monitoring and staking services available online.

Self-sovereign Identity (SSI) is your digital asset, in a MasterNode program you turn your own monthly expense into ROI, however this takes time to set-up and to fund a MasterNode, this is a collective crypto growth program. We’re seeking hive-mind and word of mouth.

MasterNode Staking is ideal for a club and provides the solution for generating revenue. There is something inherently natural in the process of MasterNode Hosting, it’s evidenced by the increased value of the crypto being hosted. The potential for a windfall is more obvious, as we grow in size.

MasterNode Hosting is different to regular wealth creation, where you’re out to make as much for yourself as you can. In a co-operative you want other members to own MasterNodes, rather than you owning more than necessary. Consider each MasterNode to be like a branch of a bank (with a loaded vault).

Masternode Hosting
Masternode Hosting

A StableCoin is created by thoughtful MasterNode Hosting/Staking, when the utility of the coin matches the function it’s being used for (in our case SSI) you have a formula for success

When a coin has a defined number minted (we only stake such coins), then we know by distributing more MasterNodes will increase the value over time. The strategy is to always pay it forward, help your friends and family to ROI.

Lions Gate Club is “Speculating” on stability and seeking economic sustainability.

Strategic Partnership candidate for Lions Gate is Allnodes (see below)

Allnodes is a platform, that provides non-custodial Staking and Masternodes services. It allows you to Stake coins or host Masternode in a few clicks, monitoring rewards, statuses and other useful information.

Allnodes prioritizes above everything else the User Experience and Simplicity of Using the platform. We are highly interested in the proliferation and mass adoption of the crypto industry as a whole and the Staking & Masternodes sections of it in particular.

Therefore, Allnodes use Digital Ocean’s servers to deliver a truly seamless and enjoyable experience without uptime interruption. Digital Ocean is one of the most reliable VPS hosting providers on the market, which guarantees 99.99% SLA. And, we actively avoid hosting in countries with cumbersome legislation to avoid any unforeseen roadblocks.

Allnodes is also working closely with all major cryptocurrencies to ensure both regular client updates and bringing our users the quality of life features across the board. This approach allows us to deliver a prime customer experience through close collaborations with many big coins.

  • Dedicated regional servers in Europe and Asia.
  • $30M+ of total hosted Masternodes value
  • 3000+ total number of hosted Masternodes
  • 10 major supported cryptocurrencies and more to come

MasterNode Hosting is the ultimate short position of the USD, however the Lions Gate Club primary purpose is to reduce monthly costs associated to hosting SSI, on the same coin we stake.

Masternode Hosting Photo credit: marcoverch on VisualHunt.com / CC BY


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