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How to Build a Real World Trust Anchor and Why the World needs one

How to Build a Real World Trust Anchor and why the World needs one, simply because the current systems failed us and people do not trust governments or big-name brands. Our world has a missing people problem in the “real-world” and a massive fraud scam in the “online-world”. Both are ID problems.

Self-sovereign ID is an opportunity to challenge conventional thinking about how to solve many problems with one good idea. To put trust back in humanity by using old-fashion methods to tackle newly found security flaws in modern systems. How to stop identification theft and build a value chain of a trust anchor.

My proposition with Lions Gate is to form a society of like-minded people, who wish to be their brother’s brother and sister’s sister. We make a vow and take an oath to protect the digital ID of each other, come hell or high-water. That we agree in essence, to become the trustee of one or more individuals electronic documents. In our collective we share in the belief that a portion of the monthly fee we pay for our membership and services, be paid as incentive to grow.

The value of a society focused on ID

If we leave the development of our future ID to the current industry leaders, we will miss this unique opportunity. By coupling the best of start-up strategies with fresh innovation, to solve problems. When the members join and verify with human touch authentication, our collective efforts create the foundation of valuable blockchain.

By collectively developing the payment matrix and writing the rules and regulations for the society, it constitutes value. Then as it grows the focus on product development comes primarily from the users and by testing among members but the key factor is with every new member the value is increasing. When reasonable minds agree on the payout numbers, there will always be dividends for members.

What is a non-fungible token?

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) are the topic of the day in finance. NFTs are a special cryptoasset where each token is unique. The value proposition of building a Trust Anchor strategy around a company that provides digital products for protecting your Self-sovereign ID and the growth comes almost entirely by word of mouth.

The Charter of this society-type company structure, would focus on product development, hosting hack-a-thons, improving vulnerabilities and ease of use. Our mandate would be to be constantly improving and always seeking the most brilliant hackers to challenge our systems. Only by continual testing can we be best in our niche.

There are many digital products we can add-on to our trust anchor, such as mobile phone security software and banking services for checking to cryptocurrency, stored value debit cards etc… Once a co-operative collective corporation, or society, builds an affinity group large enough to self-sustain as a benefit club.


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