Fake News Ends with Self-Sovereign Identity

The knife cuts both ways when anonymous personas are eliminated from the discourse, then the author of Fake News will be also exposed. Self-sovereign Identity in online comments will regain trust, then only comments can be posted by individuals who have verified their identity by a third party.

Think what it means to have integrity return to journalism? We can actually begin to solve problems on our planet, rather than engage in information war where one side is fighting Fake News. Mainstream-media conglomerates have formed a fascist regime online, somewhat like a cult and able to misguide the populace.

By ending anonymous accounts (fake persona = troll) then we have free and open channels of communication. In the post-Youtube world, where the blockchain really begins to shine and cloud hosting enables security. Then we can begin to hold purveyors of Fake News accountable, by correcting the authors of the manufactured narrative, will force and end to the nonsense.

When we do speak our minds freely once again, as the Internet born to provide, then each individual will also be held accountable and naturally there will need to be some enforcement or at the very least a database of repeat offenders and yes there will need to be a list of offences.

Fake News is produced by MSM however there are influencers online who say and do things that are inappropriate to general audience online and there will need to be some future warning systems, similar to social behaviour scores, on certain platforms where the membership wish to be more inclusive.

Fake News ends with Self-sovereign Identity because the authors and editors know that the playing field has now become level and just because your media platform has massive reach doesn’t mean that the individuals in the production can avoid and ignore condemnation.

Once people begin to understand the power in sovereignty the entire industry of journalism will shift towards crowd-sourced news. The day will come because of the travesty that is modern mainstream media, that news delivery becomes real-time.


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