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DPS Cyber Security Recovers Millions of Dollars Worth of Stolen Cryptocurrency from Forex Trading Scams

DPS Cyber Security aids in the recovery of bitcoins that have been stolen.

UNITED STATES, September 29, 2022 / — Given the volatile nature of the crypto market, Forex companies must maintain up-to-date services and security. As an industry leader, DPS Cyber Security maintains compliance with all market requirements, making them a preferred choice for cyber investigation among businesses and investors.

DPS Cyber Security is a renowned crypto recovery firm with a decade of experience in the cryptocurrency industry. The company operates on a no-win, no-fee basis and specializes in identifying and recovering stolen cryptocurrency. Since its inception, the organization has focused on how to recover stolen crypto.

As the investment in the Forex market gets more popular among a new generation of investors, the company saw the need for a cybersecurity agency that provides services pertaining to the crypto world’s security and aids to recover money back from romance scam and other cryptocurrency scams.

DPS Cyber Security has positioned itself as a secure solution for crypto recovery. In its recent expansion, the organization has devised innovative strategies for recovering digital cryptocurrency lost by investors, traders, and corporations as a result of fraud.

Their services give the necessary support in tracing down their clients’ stolen bitcoins in order to handle any issues with their wallets, ensuring that their clients are not left in the cold. The company’s newly designed services contain the following features: Safe & Secure process, 97% Recuperation Rate, Genuine investigators, Advanced Global System, Fast Response, dedicated Case Supervisor, and more.

Numerous individuals perceive the rising value of crypto assets and opt to invest in them as a hedge against inflation, devaluation, and other disasters. However, many people have lost thousands of dollars in investments due to the fraudulent conduct of cyber criminals. Recovering digital cash is difficult, and it is best not to take the chance. Therefore, the most secure method is to employ trustworthy cyber forensics firms such as DPS Cyber Security.

For the recovery of lost cryptocurrencies, DPS Cyber Security specialists deploy highly efficient and optimal procedures, such as:
– It gives information and evidence regarding financial cybercrime.
– The company locates the missing cryptocurrency, and
– In addition, it generates a comprehensive analysis of the transaction and suspicious wallets.

Then, DPS specialists evaluate the parties involved, the technologies utilized, and the digital footprint of the scammers.

They only employ cutting-edge cybersecurity technologies, including premier digital location techniques and digital forensics, which allow them to find the missing cryptocurrency.

When asked what sets DPS Cyber Security apart, the CEO of the company stated: “I would strongly recommend DPS Cyber Security’s services to any business or individual victimized by crypto-asset theft. Our company specializes in recovering stolen property. Our competent and knowledgeable staff ensures that all bitcoin transactions are conducted securely and that consumers make no mistakes.”

Please visit their website at for more information on their services.

Contact: Mark Goodman
Address: 2nd Floor, Berkeley Square House, Berkeley Square, London W1J 6BD, UK

About DPS Cyber Security
DPS Cyber Security offers forex trading scam recovery help. It has been in operation for three decades and has mostly engaged in the crypto industry for the past decade.
Mark Goodman, the company’s Head of Cybersecurity, and his team of bitcoin recovery specialists, investigators, and technical experts have over thirty years of experience in cybersecurity and digital location strategies.

Mark Goodman
DPS Cyber Security

Cyber Security Image by Darwin Laganzon from Pixabay


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