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Blockchain Laboratories News -The Future of ESG markets: Why Digital Assets Will be the Key to Success

Learn how Blockchain Laboratories is using web3 to bring more trust and better ROI to ESG markets, and how you can too.

SHERIDAN, WYOMING, UNITED STATES, February 22, 2023 / — In recent years, digital assets have emerged as a revolutionary new technology that is beginning to change the way businesses operate. Digital assets are a form of cryptographic token that can be used to store and transfer data in a secure, immutable, and reliable manner. The potential applications of digital assets are seemingly endless, and businesses around the world are beginning to adopt this technology in order to take advantage of its potential benefits.

An advantage of ESG digital assets is the efficiency they provide. By using digital assets, brands can quickly transfer assets and track ESG related data knowing that it is publicly auditable. This can help to reduce overhead costs associated with data management and transfer fees. Also allowing businesses to quickly and easily access and track their ESG data.

Finally, digital assets can also help to reduce the risk of fraud. By using digital assets, businesses can securely store and transfer data in a way that is nearly impossible to forge.

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and its Potential to Conserve & Increase Biodiversity

Also in the last few years, decentralized finance (DeFi) has come on the scene and is beginning to change the way financial markets operate. DeFi is a form of blockchain-based finance that allows anyone to access financial services without the need for a trusted third party. This new technology has the potential to revolutionize the way industries operate, and one of the areas in which it could have the most impact is ecological conservation and regenerative finance.

One of the potential benefits of DeFi for conservation and regenerative finance is increased transparency in carbon markets. By using DeFi for carbon credits, businesses can ensure that their financial transactions are transparent and secure. This increased transparency can help to validate ESG claims, and provide supporting data for ESG reporting.

Regenerative Finance (ReFi) and its Potential to Protect Biodiversity

And in more recent years, regenerative finance (ReFi) has become a trending topic to fund ecological projects, protect biodiversity, and to support regenerative practices on many types of landscapes. ReFi allows individuals and businesses to access ESG markets and services in a publicly auditable way. This new Green Finance model has the potential to have a major impact on biodiversity conservation and regeneration.

One of the potential benefits of ReFi for biodiversity protection and preservation is increased transparency through using digital assets and distributed ledger technology to track the whole lifecycle of eco projects. Another potential benefit of ReFi for biodiversity protection is increased funding going to the eco projects. By using ReFi, eco projects can quickly and easily transfer funds with minimal overhead costs and without any delays. This can help to reduce overhead costs associated with financial transactions, and create more funding for the work on the ground by making easier for eco projects to fundraise.

Innovators at the crossroads of ESG digital assets and ReFi PaaS

Blockchain Laboratories has been at the forefront of ESG digital assets and the ReFi movement. Since April 2021 Blockchain Laboratories has been working on building Carbonland Trust’s carbon credit registry on the XRP Ledger. And although there have been setbacks to overcome that caused the development timeline to be extended, lots of progress has been made, and the carbon credit tokenization platform is scheduled to go live in April 2023.

And in more recent times, Blockchain Laboratories started building a XRPL carbon credit tokenization platform for Intrinsic Methods. Intrinsic Methods Registry will use XRP Ledger to issue Future Mitigated Units(carbon credits) from reforestation projects globally.

In the near future, Blockchain Laboratories will be on scene at some industry events to network and share about the web3 platforms that were launching in the 2nd quarter of 2023. In March the events on our schedule are the Climate Summit in Denver on March 1st, the World Sustainability Summit(we are presenting here) in Dubai on March 16th-17th, and the World Blockchain Summit in Dubai on March 20th-21st.

Our goal in attending these summits is to share about what we have learned from two years of intense R&D. And to showcase and bring attention to the ReFi Platform as a Service(PaaS) that we have developed over the last two years. We know digital assets and DLT have the potential to bring radical transparency to the ESG and carbon markets, and strive to be thought leaders in the industry.

To learn more about using our web3 SaaS and Tokenization PaaS for your company, organization, or startup please use the Contract Us form. Or if you or your business is trying to reach carbon neutrality, or buying carbon credits now, please contact us to learn how you could get more ROI and Nature Positive Co-Benefits.

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