Russia Rubles - Artificial Intelligence and Self-sovereign Identity

Artificial Intelligence and Self-Sovereign Identity

Artificial Intelligence is diametric to Self-Sovereign Identity.

In an exclusive two-hour interview in Moscow to mark the publication of his memoirs, Permanent Record, Snowden said dire warnings that his disclosures would cause harm had not come to pass, and even former critics now conceded “we live in a better, freer and safer world” because of his revelations.

In the book, Snowden describes in detail for the first time his background, and what led him to leak details of the secret programmes being run by the US National Security Agency (NSA) and the UK’s secret communication headquarters, GCHQ.

The greatest danger still lies ahead, with the refinement of artificial intelligence capabilities, such as facial and pattern recognition.

Edward Snowden

Self-sovereign Identity (SSI) puts more control in the hands of each individual, to be able to harden our own security systems but the fact of the matter is, that AI is a threat and requires serious consideration.

Owning SSI protects from AI and using AI to detect AI is key. Security is often common sense and good practice, such as not keeping passwords for all things in the same place. We need an omni-channel blockchain management system map on paper, with pencil of passwords in hard copy.

Russia Rubles - Artificial Intelligence and Self-sovereign Identity

Human intelligence can do things that artificial intelligence can’t, these are the old-fashion style validation and verification, for example a “living testament”. The use of some common sense security strategy and training is necessary to ward off AI.

SSI can be used to reduce the use the of your image but facial recognition is far too widespread and Google has already filmed every street and lane in every town and city, in every country except China. Therefore the best defence starts with your own digital identity and having control of where you’re being tracked.

Artificial Intelligence may be the single best reason why everyone should and will want, or need, Self-sovereign Identity. AI and SSI are yin and yang, so we must know AI and have early detection but remember… we created it, so we can defend against it : )

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