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Lions Gate Digital Quantum Codefest

The Quantum Leap: Championing Quantum Strategy Codefest, Hackathon, and the World’s First zk-SNARKs Rodeo in Vancouver

The city of Vancouver, a burgeoning tech-hub in Canada, is ripe for a technological revolution. Already recognized for its vibrant start-up ecosystem and tech-savvy talent pool, Vancouver is ideally placed to host a trifecta of events that could set a new standard in quantum computing and cryptographic advancements: a Quantum Strategy Codefest, Hackathon, and the […]

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Canada National Quantum Strategy

Government of Canada launches National Quantum Strategy to create jobs and advance quantum technologies

Strategy will see major investments in quantum research, talent and commercialization January 13, 2023 – Waterloo, Ontario, Quantum science and technologies are at the leading edge of research and innovation, with enormous potential for commercialization and game-changing advances, including more effective drug design, better climate forecasting, improved navigation and innovations in clean technologies. The Government of […]

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