International Safe Harbor Privacy Principles

International Safe Harbor Privacy Principles

Another foundational understanding of Self-sovereign Identification (SSI) and why it’s so critical that each individual be in control of their own identity, is the framework contained in the International Safe Harbor Privacy Principles and once again rather than my attempting to paraphrase I’ll borrow from Wikipedia The International Safe Harbor Privacy Principles or Safe Harbour Privacy Principles were principles […]

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$1000 Gold Certificate - Multi-Source and Self-Sovereign Identity

Multi-Source and Self-Sovereign Identity

At the risk of having to remove this post in the future, I’m adding it here today because it’s the explanation of why Lions Gate became a Self-Sovereign Identity Club and why this has such enormous benefit to it’s members. To understand early in the game, that multi-source is optimum and if done correctly, every […]

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10 Greek drachma

Ethos, Pathos and Logos of Lions Gate Club

The question that forms the basis of this dialog is best efficacy, and assuming it’s necessary to own a Self-sovereign ID (SSI); what is the best way to get one? where’s the best place to keep it? who will be watching over it? Then, as it relates to the Club; How can we collectively monetize […]

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General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and You

The GDPR 2016 has eleven chapters, concerning general provisions, principles, rights of the data subject, duties of data controllers or processors, transfers of personal data to third countries, supervisory authorities, cooperation among member states, remedies, liability or penalties for breach of rights, and miscellaneous final provisions. Implementation began: 25 May 2018 General Data Protection Regulation […]

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Lions Gate Gold

One country, two systems

Lions Gate was an idea born of necessity, as people from China are attracted to the western system and require new identification. My Chinese-Canadian friend jokes that he is a member of the Lee club, where the only criteria is having the last name “Lee” and we laugh trying to remember if it’s sixty million […]

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