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Catalonia’s future depends on the knowledge society

This morning, the head of the government and Minister Chacón headed a ceremony to constitute the Advisory Council of the Catalan Agreement on the Knowledge SocietyThe Council will advise the Plenary and the Permanent Committee of the PN@SC, whose mission is to create a framework for discussion and reference on future policy related to universities, […]

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Digital Ecosystems with Self-Sovereign Identity

It’s happening all over the world, in small unrelated projects, almost as a natural process of improvement of a system by open source. Region by region, it’s the credit unions and small financial service providers creating the Digital Ecosystems with Self-Sovereign Identity. Here’s just one of many examples from around the globe. A headline theme […]

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Gandhi - Cloud Communities: The Dawn of Global Citizenship?

Cloud Communities: The Dawn of Global Citizenship?

सत्यमेव जयते – “Truth Alone Triumphs” The idea of global citizenship About 70 years ago, an American peace activist named Garry Davis created a registered concept of ‘world citizenship.’ A naïve enterprise at its infancy, this concept looks more realistic today for three reasons. The first reason is global interconnectedness. The internet has profoundly changed […]

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Russia Rubles - Artificial Intelligence and Self-sovereign Identity

Artificial Intelligence and Self-sovereign Identity

Artificial Intelligence is diametric to Self-sovereign Identity. In an exclusive two-hour interview in Moscow to mark the publication of his memoirs, Permanent Record, Snowden said dire warnings that his disclosures would cause harm had not come to pass, and even former critics now conceded “we live in a better, freer and safer world” because of […]

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Online Banking for Millenials

Self-sovereign Identity and Online Banking for Millenials

Self-sovereign Identity and Online Banking go together like bread and butter, and within four or five years you will not be able to bank online without SSI but the two processes are inextricably connected due to Millennials and how they bank online. According to Visa, in the next four years, Millennials will become the customer […]

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China Self-sovereign Identity Strategy

China Self-sovereign Identity Strategy

China Self-sovereign Identity Strategy has been to let the world think the giant was still sleeping, even spin a media narrative of financial struggles, debt bubbles, ghost cities and bank collapse, meanwhile nothing could be further from the truth. China is stealth on steroids, as it’s masses adopt digital wallets for storing everything except crypto, […]

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face of money - Decentralized Identity

Microsoft’s strategy for Decentralized Identity

Self-sovereign Identity (SSI) is repackaged by Microsoft calling it Decentralized Identity, to appease customer fears of meta data mining. Also, helps to convince users that the Tech Giant will help you store your SSI, without tracking you. Try to say that to yourself in the mirror, and keep a straight face…. By removing the word […]

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Macro Canadian Quarter 3-D Secure

3-D Secure Authentication Protocol

The basic concept of 3-D Secure Authentication Protocol is to tie the financial authorization process with online authentication and a driver of Self-sovereign Identity (SSI). This additional security authentication is based on a three-domain model (hence the 3-D in the name itself). Analysis of the first version of the 3D Secure Authentication Protocol by academia […]

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face economics of IoT and SSI

Internet of Things and Self-sovereign Identity

Internet of Things (IoT) is driving Self-sovereign Identity (SSI) as the function of the web has turned on the user and now follows you wherever you take your connected device. In a sense we now gave-up our freedom to exists privately in public places because of the desire to have convenience of wifi and roaming. […]

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